Category: Space Opera Science Fiction

  • Acadia by James Erwin

    By James Erwin

    5 years in the past, Kate jumped on each chance to come back out the following. She’d enjoyed the fun of staring off the ship’s stern, observing the solar slowly reduce, peering as heavily on the white-hot thrusters as she might earlier than Virgil close off her visor. She’d enjoyed taking a look ahead at Acadia’s magnetic scoop, attempting to trap a few glimpse of the invisible cone that was once funneling the vacuum’s stray atoms into its antimatter furnace. In these days, she’d even grinned on the dizzying problem of spacewalking on a rotating cylinder. yet that used to be 5 years in the past . . .

    Acadia — the newest paintings of fiction from significantly acclaimed writer, James Erwin (Rome, candy Rome) takes to the a ways reaches of house to weave a story of intrigue and suspense one of the stars.
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  • The Pilots of Borealis by David Nabhan

    By David Nabhan

    Top Gun heads to outer area during this throwback to the vintage technology fiction of Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein.

    Strapped in to synthetic wings spanning twenty-five toes throughout, your palms push a 10th of your bodyweight with every one pump as you propel your self at scary speeds in the course of the air. inside of a pressurized dome at the Moon, topic to one-sixth Earth’s gravity, there are swarms of chiseled, fearless, fantastically educated flyers throughout you, jostling for air house like peregrine falcons racing for the prize. This was once the game of piloting, and after Helium-3, piloting used to be one of many first issues that entered anyone’s brain whilst Borealis used to be mentioned.

    It was once Helium-3 that powered humanity’s far-flung civilization enlargement, feeding fusion reactors from the Alliances on the earth to the Terran Ring, Mars, the Jovian colonies, and the entire manner out to far-off Titan. the provision, taken from the outside of the Moon, had as soon as appeared never-ending. yet that was once some time past. Borealis, the glittering, fabulously wealthy urban stretched out around the lunar North Pole, had accrued centuries of incredible wealth harvesting it, and as such was once the 1st to achieve that its offers have been working out.

    The far-off thoughts of the terrible planetwide devastation spawned by way of the petroleum wars weren't sufficient to quell the emerging strength and political crises. a brand new battle to rival no different seemed impending, however the sun system’s competing powers might become aware of whatever extra robust than Helium-3: the indomitable spirit of an Earth-born, war-weary mercenary and pilot extraordinaire.

    Skyhorse Publishing, below our evening coloration and Talos imprints, is proud to put up a vast variety of titles for readers attracted to technology fiction (space opera, time go back and forth, not easy SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), delusion (grimdark, sword and sorcery, modern city fable, steampunk, replacement history), and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and lots more and plenty extra. whereas no longer each name we submit turns into a New York Times bestseller, a countrywide bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we're dedicated to publishing caliber books from a various team of authors.
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  • Atlan 27: Kristalle des Todes (Blauband): Der Kristallprinz: by H.G Ewers,Hans Kneifel,Marianne Sydow,Harvey Patton

    By H.G Ewers,Hans Kneifel,Marianne Sydow,Harvey Patton

    8000 Jahre vor Beginn der irdischen Zeitrechnung: Atlan, Kristallprinz und offizieller Thronfolger des riesigen Arkon-Imperiums, wurde seines Throns beraubt. Seit der Ermordung seines Vaters, regiert Imperator Orbanaschol III über Tausende von Sonnensystemen. Orbanaschols Ziel ist, den geflüchteten Atlan zu beseitigen und den »Stein der Weisen« zu finden. Denn von diesem Relikt erhofft er, die Unsterblichkeit zu erlangen.

    Als der Krieg mit den Maahks eskaliert, hat das auch Auswirkungen für den jungen Kristallprinzen, denn die Giftgas atmenden Aggressoren setzen ihre neue Geheimwaffe ein. Der so genannte Molekularverdichter öffnet einen Zugang zum Mikrokosmos. Von diesem Molekularverdichter verkleinert werden auch ihr maahkscher Erbauer Grek three und die arkonidische Prinzessin Crysalgira, die in die Fänge der Methanatmer geraten ist. Als Atlan den beiden folgt, verschlägt es den Kristallprinzen auf eine Welt voller rätselhafter Hinterlassenschaften ...

    Enthaltene ATLAN-Heftromane
    Heft 192: "Experimente auf Skantasquor" von H.G. Ewers
    Heft 193: "Rückkehr in die Mikrowelt" von Hans Kneifel
    Heft 194: "Die Piraten der Mikrowelt" von Hans Kneifel
    Heft 196: "Der Blaue von Somor" von Marianne Sydow
    Heft 197: "Kristalle des Todes" von Harvey Patton
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  • Perry Rhodan 132: Der Fluch der Kosmokratin (Silberband): 3. by Perry Rhodan-Redaktion,Johnny Bruck

    By Perry Rhodan-Redaktion,Johnny Bruck

    three. Band des Zyklus "Die Endlose Armada"

    Im März 426 Neuer Galaktischer Zeitrechnung bricht Perry Rhodan mit der Galaktischen Flotte zu einer excursion ins Ungewisse auf: Es sind rund 20.000 Raumschiffe aus zahlreichen Völkern der Milchstraße, an ihrer Spitze die foundation. Die Flotte steuert den geheimnisvollen Frostrubin an. Dort wollen Rhodan und seine Begleiter die Bedrohung durch die adverse Superintelligenz Seth-Apophis stoppen.

    Doch als sich die Galaktische Flotte dem Frostrubin nähert, wird sie mit einem gigantischen Gebilde konfrontiert. Es ist die Endlose Armada, eine Ansammlung von Millionen und Abermillionen von Raumschiffen, die sich über Lichtjahre hinweg erstreckt. Seit Äonen suchen die Wesen an Bord dieser Schiffe ebenfalls nach dem Frostrubin.

    Gegen diese Übermacht haben die Galaktiker keine probability. Doch Perry Rhodan weiß: Will er die Gefahr durch Seth-Apophis beseitigen, muss er die Konfrontation mit der Endlosen Armada wagen ...

    Die in diesem Buch enthaltenen Originalromane sind: Der Fluch der Kosmokratin (1114) von Kurt Mahr; Bote des Unsterblichen (1115) von Clark Darlton; Projekt Zweiterde (1116) und Das Gedankenmonster (1117), beide von H. G. Ewers; Geschäfte mit dem Tod (1120) von William Voltz sowie Der Sonnenhammer (1121) und Raubzug der Armadaschmiede (1122) jeweils von Kurt Mahr.
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  • Requiem: Primordium Book Three (Volume 3) by William E. Mason

    By William E. Mason

    In Primordium publication 3: Requiem, the chief of the few closing people on the earth dies sooner than development A4-Ni, a common to unfold their genome all through area. His daughter, Akilah Rasmussen, steps ahead to gain his dream. yet will she persevere after she discovers that the genome is predestined to be destroyed and the single cause A4-Ni has to be developed is to make sure the construction of an flying saucers, the Shepherd?
         Following the lessons of Truman Justis of publication , destiny Maraia within the yr 10,005 attempt to hold their DNA natural whereas less than attack by means of the evil participant Cardassin, a fiendish specimen with no compassion or morality.
         Fanatically bent on destroying the Maraia and the Shepherd, he waits patiently for the few final Maraia to come to their ancestral domestic of Kanapoi in what was northern Kenya, the place the weather has turn into inhospitably arctic. They wish to discover the unique dad or mum of delusion that holds the plans to build A4-Ni, who will create the Shepherd within the far away past.
         Aided by means of the bogus human, Michael, and the primitive Jamil, Akilah struggles to gain her father's dream, yet at a poor cost.
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  • The Politics of Star Trek: Justice, War, and the Future by George A. Gonzalez

    By George A. Gonzalez

    The megastar Trek franchise displays, conveys, and reviews upon the main philosophical tensions of the trendy period. This booklet information the style within which those tensions and controversies are manifested in celebrity Trek throughout its iterations, arguing that famous person Trek deals an imperative contribution to our knowing of politics within the sleek era.
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  • Le Neuvième Cercle - 4: Le Réveil des Golems by Jean-Christophe Chaumette

    By Jean-Christophe Chaumette

    Tandis que les enfants monstrueux du dévoreur de mondes s’apprêtent à ouvrir los angeles porte des ténèbres, les élus du rêveur n’ont pas réussi à se rassembler. Seule leur confrérie au grand complet détiendrait le pouvoir de s’opposer au dessein des démons engendrés par Oroum-Golok et d’empêcher los angeles destruction de l’Univers. Le temps leur est compté pour se trouver, comprendre le rôle qu’ils doivent jouer, et accepter leur destin.

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  • Shadow of a Demon by E. Rose Sabin

    By E. Rose Sabin

    "You needs to learn how to speak with him, to appreciate him," the mum enhanced of the Daughters of Mercy says of the article that dwells within India Terrano, the item India regards as a demon. it's a Viseg, a creature that feeds on power and will spit that power out with super damaging strength. It has endangered India’s relatives and blasted her fiance’s brain, leaving him a residing corpse. It has made her a fugitive, hunted either via the Solarian Patrol, which intends to place her to loss of life, and by means of representatives of an interplanetary company, which desires to test on her to benefit to harness the Viseg’s strength. To India the Viseg is a hated factor, a curse. She can't in all likelihood keep on with mom Lira’s recommendation. but how else can she live to tell the tale and protect these she loves? however the route to conversation and realizing may be fraught with many risks, will convey soreness and grief to her friends and family, and may lead her faraway from the single domestic she’s known.
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  • The Hounds of War Unchained by Ingo Potsch

    By Ingo Potsch

    The Hounds of struggle Unchained tells the tale of the way the human race stumbles right into a completely avoidable warfare with a ferocious enemy. In destiny, while people have settles hundreds of thousands of inhabitable planets all around the Milky means, politics maintains as traditional. Fractions and factions feud with one another and politicians, lobbyists, and strain teams search to figure out the process occasions and the course of law-making, every one to their very own deepest virtue. a few of these concerned can even think that they're performing for the typical reliable, and but they fail to spot what's quite very important. overlook for truth and the unwillingness to work out concerns from the point of view of the opposite facet result in reckless behaviour. The suggestion that it truly is too bulky to barter for win-win occasions and that by way of the assertive pursuit of non-public pursuits wealth and happiness may be received result in a series of occasions that factors a chain of failures and threatens the way forward for the human race, whilst an enemy is confronted who possesses guns of huge power. Having themselves simply acquired new and very damaging technique of struggle, and with the backing of financially strong and politically well-connected strain teams, humanity is lead right into a death-trap from which there is probably not an break out. through over-estimating her personal power and under-estimating the power of the capability enemy, humanity is lured right into a deadly conflict via reckless and inconsiderate politicians who don't totally understand what they're as much as and through self-delusion and gullibility, mixed with the think in self-serving interpretations of justice and egoism disguised because the pursuit for equitable stipulations.
    The Hounds of warfare Unchained is additionally a narrative with ''tons'' of alien species, spaceships, galactic battles, politics and gear performs, intrigues, treason and bravado, crafty stupidity and silly cunningness, and a few smooth amorous affairs, that are extra alluded than exact. it's a tale in regards to the results of improper assumptions, concerning the disasters of viewpoint, in regards to the repercussions of overlook of truth, the price of conceitedness, the cost humans need to pay for believing with out considering and for now not eager to recognize what will be evidently noticeable in the event that they simply opened their eyes.
    But except that, it may be learn it appears that evidently as a technology fiction novel with a few components of area opera, plenty of army stuff, a few – notwithstanding now not greatly – know-how, and 2 characters who convey respectable complexity to make a very good learn for an viewers who appreciates greater than mono-dimensional personalities.
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