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  • Perry Rhodan 126: Lockruf aus M 3 (Silberband): 8. Band des by Kurt Mahr,H. G. Ewers,William Voltz,Marianne Sydow,K. H.

    By Kurt Mahr,H. G. Ewers,William Voltz,Marianne Sydow,K. H. Scheer,Horst Hoffmann,Detlev G. Winter,Johnny Bruck,Perry Rhodan-Redaktion

    Wir schreiben das Jahr 425 Neuer Galaktischer Zeitrechnung. Perry Rhodan und die Menschheit sind tief in Auseinandersetzungen kosmischen Ausmaßes verstrickt. Eine fremde Macht namens Seth-Apophis bedroht die Milchstraße. Um den Angriff abwehren zu können, hofft Rhodan auf die Unterstützung eines einstmals mächtigen Volkes. Seine Angehörigen haben sich vor sehr langer Zeit in den Kugelsternhaufen M three zurückgezogen.
    Unter großen Schwierigkeiten erreicht er sein Ziel - und trifft auf die letzten Porleyter, die einstmals die Vorläufer der Ritter der Tiefe waren. Die Zeit im Exil scheint die Überlebenden verändert zu haben. Perry Rhodan wollte Freunde finden, aber er wird mit Gegnern konfrontiert, die eine air of secrecy des Schreckens verbreiten ...
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  • Eye of ezekiel (Space Marine Battles) by C Z Dunn

    By C Z Dunn

    When the Adeptus Mechanicus invokes an historical pact with the darkish Angels, Ezekiel, Grand grasp of the Librarians, needs to lead the fifth corporation to free up the planet of Honoria from an enormous ork military. Even strengthened through the regiments of the Astra Militarum, the darkish Angels face a huge problem, and the Adeptus Mechanicus seem to have their very own purposes for turning into focused on this conflict…

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    It's a story of 1 of the extra mysterious of the darkish Angels heroes (and that is asserting anything for that Chapter), bringing the previous First Legion into clash with enemy and best friend alike.

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  • Prophecy Of Honor by Fred Waiss

    By Fred Waiss

    whilst Collin surveys the slaves obtained from the Kursh as spoils of conflict, he sees a gorgeous younger Aelfir girl. He understands instantly that he'll marry her, they are going to have a son, and that three hundred and sixty five days after that they're going to either be lifeless. The Prophecy has stated so.

    The warlike and terroristic Kursh are purpose on absolutely exterminating the Aelfir as the humans of Aelf own a magic that's offensive to Kursh tradition. The Kursh also are the self-declared enemies of the unfastened Peoples, and intend to overcome and enslave them.

    Collin is the elected chief and the preferrred commander of the armies of the loose Lands. As prophesied, whilst their son is a yr outdated he and Tsha lead the significantly outnumbered armies of the unfastened Peoples into conflict opposed to the total invading Kursh state.

    The Kursh military is completely defeated simply because Collin and Tsha, on my own, may be able to damage the entire Kursh commanders. they try expertly and bravely, yet ultimately fall underneath the guns in their enemies.
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  • Cult of the Warmason (Warhammer 40,000 Book 1) by C L Werner

    By C L Werner

    In a galaxy teeming with alien aggressors, not anything unites the Imperium greater than the worship of the immortal God-Emperor. with out the shining gentle of his divinity, commute during the stars wouldn't be attainable, and humanity will be swallowed by way of darkness. The shrineworld of Lubentina draws billions of pilgrims who stopover at to reaffirm their religion, and trap a glimpse of the sacred relic held in its nice cathedral. however the achieve of man’s enemies is lengthy, and while civil unrest breaks out, and rumours of four-armed monsters abound, the Adeptus Sororitas tasked with protecting the area needs to face the struggle in their lives. For they're few, yet their enemies are numberless.

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    The Sisters of conflict go back to Warhammer 40,000 fiction! not just that, yet grasp of the macabre C L Werner takes at the Genestealer Cults, the unique horror tale stars of the forty first millennium

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  • Il rosso di Marte (Fanucci Editore) (Italian Edition) by Kim Stanley Robinson,Maurizio Carità

    By Kim Stanley Robinson,Maurizio Carità

    consistent with secoli, le aride e desolate lande del pianeta rosso, sferzate da tempeste di sterile sabbia, hanno rappresentato in keeping with il genere umano l. a. nuova frontiera della conquista interplanetaria. Ora, nell’anno 2026, un gruppo di cento coloni è pronto a compiere l’impresa: raggiungere Marte e trasformarlo in una nuova Terra. according to alcuni, Marte è los angeles meta ultima di una vita votata alla conoscenza e al coraggio, according to altri è solo un’opportunità di arricchimento, in step with altri ancora è un’imperdibile occasione di progresso nella scienza. I piani della missione prevedono di some distance orbitare intorno al pianeta enormi specchi che amplifichino los angeles luce del Sole sulla superficie, di cospargere le calotte polari di una polvere scura che catturi il calore e faccia sciogliere il ghiaccio, di costruire tunnel titanici che veicolino gasoline incandescenti che producano un aumento della temperatura. Eppure, nonostante gli sforzi titanici e le risorse messi in campo, qualcuno sarà disposto a combattere fino alla morte in line with evitare che Marte diventi qualcosa di diverso da quello che è sempre stato.

    Un’avventura irripetibile, il viaggio in un futuro remoto e allo stesso pace tangibile, verso il limite oltre il quale è impossibile spingersi.
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  • Viscous Circle (Cluster Book 5) by Piers Anthony

    By Piers Anthony

    Viscous Circle is a narrative a couple of unusual and inhuman race of beings and an experimental try and move into creatures that appear basically a little bit sapient. they're final pacifists who take the shape of magnetic disks that drift via area and easily demagnetize and smash themselves whilst confronted with a nasty inspiration. The bloodthirsty Solarians, of their determined hurry to discover the mysterious historical website, are decided to wipe out the Bands, a wierd and lovely species whose society is an anarchy of peace. in basic terms Rondl, the whirling eco-friendly Band, can keep his race, for he has a unique and extraordinary wisdom. yet without warning Rondl makes a stunning discovery approximately his identity—a discovery that could rate him his honor, his appealing lover Cirl, even his very life.
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  • Empress (Annunaki Song of the Beginning Book 2) by Margaret Moose

    By Margaret Moose

    simply for those who imagine you've got your lifestyles all deliberate out time touring large beings step in and screw every little thing up... figuring out the unalterable direction in their personal destruction they got here to Earth within the far away earlier to create a failsafe…a capability out in their destiny felony and the secret's a tall, eco-friendly eyed, crimson head named Rowan Ross. recognized some time past because the Annunaki, Rowan’s creators are actually trapped, not able to maneuver again into the seen universe. Rowan’s skill to undertaking herself into the awareness will permit her to rescue them from limbo yet are they really the benevolent beings they profess to be or are they're hiding anything from her, anything very darkish? Rowan starts off a trip throughout time and house as she learns who she relatively is. learning herself skill letting cross of what she concept was once precise approximately existence, love and so much people’s conception of fact itself. house battles, time shuttle, dwelling house craft, homicide, love, betrayal and intercourse and definite, quite a lot of it alien, are all a part of Rowan’s trip in the direction of her destiny.

    While the tale is unquestionably approximately Rowan’s trip it additionally offers deeply with the ideas of man-made intelligence, collective awareness, reincarnation, genetic reminiscence, and nanotechnology. technological know-how fiction is usually so captivated with expertise that the component to the brain, the spirit, is forgotten. The Eki seeks to hitch the 2 in an enduring include, for what's our know-how however the embodiment of our imagination.
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  • Atlan 10: Balladen des Todes (Blauband): Die Zeitabenteuer: by Hans Kneifel

    By Hans Kneifel

    In den Wirren des späten terranischen Mittelalters versucht der Arkonide Atlan nach wie vor, den »Barbaren« auf ihrem mühsamen Weg zur höheren Kultur und Zivilisation zu helfen.

    Unermüdlich reist der Einsame der Zeit von Land zu Land, spricht mit Herrschern und Philosophen, Künstlern und Astronomen, trifft zwischen Frankreich, Spanien, Italien, Westpreußen und dem westafrikanischen Songhai-Reich auf interessante Menschen und gibt wertvolle Ratschläge. Sein einziges Ziel: nach Tausenden von Jahren auf der Erde endlich den Weg zurück zu den Sternen zu finden - zusammen mit einer geeinten Menschheit ...
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  • Perry Rhodan 7: Atlan (Silberband): Erster Band des Zyklus by Kurt Brand,Clark Darlton,K.H. Scheer,Johnny Bruck,William

    By Kurt Brand,Clark Darlton,K.H. Scheer,Johnny Bruck,William Voltz

    Der weißhaarige Fremde mit den roten Augen, der im Jahr 2040 unvermittelt auftaucht, nennt sich Atlan. Er ist uralt und lebt seit intestine zehntausend Jahren auf der Erde - seit er dort strandete. Dank eines sogenannten Zellaktivators ist er relativ unsterblich. Über Jahrtausende hinweg hat der geheimnisvolle Arkonide die Entwicklung der Menschen gefördert und begleitet. Nur mit technischer Hilfe der Menschen kann er sein Ziel erreichen: die Rückkehr zu seiner Heimatwelt Arkon.

    Zusammen mit seinen Gefährten hat Perry Rhodan in der Zwischenzeit das Solare Imperium der Menschheit errichtet, ein kleines Sternenreich, das sich vor den Mächten der Milchstraße verborgen hält. Erste Planeten wurden besiedelt, eine schlagkräftige Raumflotte entstand.

    Wird die Erde aber von den galaktischen Mächten entdeckt, droht ihre Invasion. Deshalb betrachtet Rhodan die Pläne Atlans mit Argwohn. Seine Rückkehr nach Arkon muss um jeden Preis verhindert werden. Es kommt zum erbitterten Duell der beiden Männer. Auf dem Wüstenplaneten Hellgate kämpfen sie gegeneinander und ums Überleben.
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  • Star Force - Rebellen des Mars (German Edition) by Alfred Bekker,Steve Mayer,Brian Carisi

    By Alfred Bekker,Steve Mayer,Brian Carisi

    Das vorliegende booklet entspricht dem Inhalt der auch seperat erschienenen Romane big name strength #1-4 und hat einen Umfang von ca. four hundred Normseiten.

    Commander John Darran und seine team erreichen den Mars - und stoßen auf Hinterlassenschaften außerirdischer Technik. Während die Großmächte der Erde noch ihre Rivalitäten austragen, muss Commander Darran eine Entscheidung treffen: Er sagt sich von der Erde los, um die Menschheit zu retten - denn die Milchstraße ist ein kriegerischer Dschungel!
    Space Opera voller motion und Dramatik von Erfolgsautor Brian Carisi
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